38 Smith & Wesson Victory Model Pre-war (1942-1944) excellent condition

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Negotiable on the price. This amazing revolver has a lot of history, and is in excellent condition. It entered South Africa with USA loan based exchange with the commonwealth Countries, namely South Africa, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. It’s serial number V109429 put it in the date range 1942-1944 the “Victory” model as indicated by the prefix V. This predates the model 10, version. It also has not been altered for .38 Special cartridges which add to its authenticity. These guns where used for the US navy and South African Police as service weapons due to its extremely high reliability and until this day you will struggle to find a more reliable revolver, with this much stopping power. Whether you are looking for a self defence weapon or as a collector you need to look no further. It also has the following stamps on it. Made in USA, Property of the USA, SAP, S&P smith and Wesson logo, and US pattern office details.